Legendarium is about the most fantastic myths and legends that are disappearing from around the World. The Magic Horseshoe has fallen from the Milky Way, and the Devil knows that he could destroy all the myths with it. Two siblings, Rika and Zete, must confront the Devil to prevent this from happening. They embark on a danger-ous adventure where no children have ever gone before. They are returning home empowered by the knowledge learned by discovering their nearly forgotten legends, because the legends are actual messages from the past to our future. During their quests, Grandpa, Sir Mano, and other heroes will help them. 


Zete is Rika's adventure seeking brother! He loves nothing more than to climb the highest treetops or to explore the darkest caves. His imagination runs wild with the ancestral stories that his Grandpa tells him. He jumps at the chance of being the savior of the Fable Tree and the Legends! His enthusiasm knows no bounds, but he could still use a pinch of cau-tiousness, which Rika has. He is a typical example of a healthy village boy infinitely curious and dreamy. For him, there is no differ-ence between a fairy tale and reality. He is a tireless and cunning character, reminiscent of Grandpa. 


Rika is Zete's cautious little sister with a big heart. Her sharp mind and caring nature help to keep them both safe in times of trouble! She is a pure and honest character who acts as Zete's conscience to keep them both on track. She represents finesse, softness, and grace in the entire series. Her curious nature will always get the better of her, though, and in spite of herself, she will follow her brother wherever he goes! She doesn't want to be less than her brother in anything. She likes to have the last word. As suddenly as she gets angry, so suddenly she forgets her anger. She becomes more and more courageous during their adventures in the series. 


Grandpa is the embodiment of prudence, common sense, who sees things as pragmatically as possible. Although he likes to be a strict man, he adores his grandchildren, Rika and Zete, more than anything, and he doesn't even try to hide it. Grandpa is a wise older man, cuddly as a bear, who faces life with intelligence, courage, and wit, and has many stories yet to share. The children love to spend time with him, he is great fun sometimes, and he loves to have a good laugh. With the Devil's appearance, he still has a few new tricks up his sleeve if needed; he is the firm support the children who are rescuing the myths need, and that fills him with great pride. The task they undertake is not always safe, he is often worried about them, but the thought that Sir Mano and the Magic Horseshoe are with them alleviates his worries. 





A semi-real, semi-fairy-tale creature. Leader and protector of the children, a trusted companion throughout most of their adventures. A quick-witted, brave character who moves with ease in both the Real World and the Magical World of the Legends. He is like a compass in the children's magical experiences. He is the knower of all secrets, an infinitely wise and benevolent being in his appearance and demeanor, who resides in the Fable Tree, an anonymous figure whose face is almost completely hidden. His, omniscience flows through him. His most striking feature is its giant mustache and beard, which signifies its timelessness and infinite wisdom. 






The Magic Horseshoe looks like an ordinary horseshoe at first glance. It functions as a tablet, which our heroes use as a learning device to acquire knowledge long forgotten. It is also the key to the Fable Tree. In the face of danger, it shows them the escape route and grants them access to them.


Zete's Magic Flute was initially being given to Grandpa by a kind-hearted fairy named Fritos. It was carved from a sprout of the Fable Tree when it was still young. It works by channeling the fairy's power where it is needed the most. It helps any work to be completed successfully. It can untangle evil charms and spells cast by evil forces.




He is a central figure in the cartoon series, our heroes' greatest opponent. A mischievous creature who wants to destroy the Legends and take over the Earth! He is smart and cunning, although not as bright and slick as he thinks he is! He is continually frustrated by Zete and Rika thwarting his plans, but that won't stop him in his quest to claim the Magic Horseshoe for himself and rule the World! The Devil feels deceived and offended by everyone and everything. Because of his wickedness, a scary figure dough time to time, he is comical, almost destined for awkwardness. Sometimes he is malicious, and a clumsy wizard too.








Infinitely lazy and dreamy gnome. He can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. He is more coward than evil. He likes to make a game out of everything and loves to annoy his mate. A frequently mistaken figure who can be deceived by his naivety, and he always gets the short end of the stick.




Infinitely lazy and dreamy gnome. He can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. He is more coward than evil. He likes to make a game out of everything and loves to annoy his mate. A frequently mistaken figure who can be deceived by his naivety, and he always gets the short end of the stick.



Our Stories evolve around The Fable Tree, a vast vessel with roots that encircle the entire globe! This tree is rooted in Grandpa's garden in Transylvania.
The horseshoe-shaped ring of the Carpathian Mountains forms a natural barrier that acts like a fortress encircling the Garden of the Fairies. Legend has it that the tree was planted here by the fairies at the beginning of time to preserve and spread all the myths, fables, and folk tales all around the World. 

This sacred tree acts as a headquarter, a portal to other times and realms. It has incredible capabilities and magical devices. It is much more than just a safe place from the Devil, as we will discover. It is always in the center of the action. The tree is where all the calls for help come in from the World's troubled Fairy Tale and Legendary creatures. 





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