Animation studio

In 2012 we opened the first animation studio in Szeklerland and since then our team has increased to more than 20 people. 

So far nearly ten of our animated films have been released attracting the youngest and at the same time the most critical audiences.  

We have also produced short educational films about real-world locations and these will be presented at our free screenings. We have already endeared our legends to thousands of children. In order to promote our intellectual heritage abroad, we translate our cartoons and publications into English. 

The beginnings

The Legendry of Szeklerland was launched in 2008 as a non-governmental initiative aimed at collecting and presenting to children in a lovely way the intellectual cultural heritage of Szeklerland, its myths and legends that are still popular today. First we realized a map and a book containing 156 Szekler myths and legends. We have tried to make our collection of legends accessible and lovable for children of all ages, having different needs: we have designed audio books, coloring books and various educational games and finally launched the first animation studio in Szeklerland.  


  • Financial support for over 100 children communities in the Carpathian Basin
  • Gifts for disadvantaged children
  • Supporting the Határtalanul program (Boarderless)
  • Supporting school competitions

Professional presentations and mentoring

5 diploma thesis on Legendarium (Sapientia University, Babeș-Bolyai University)
Reception of practicing students from the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts in Budapest
Mentoring of IT students as partners of IT companies
Over 100 presentations at various universities, schools and conferences

Our mission

We are convinced that myths and legends are also lessons full of ancient truths, messages, pointing to our future with reference to our past.

Our goal is to transmit to more and more people that our region can offer more than the Dracula legend: In Szeklerland almost every special geographical site, castle, settlement, saint has a special story.

The Legendry of Szeklerland is a European protected brand: we promote our intellectual heritage both in the country and abroad and by our products we support educational institutions, educators and children’s homes. So far we have achieved our goals partly using our own resources and partly using sponsorship opportunities. 


Brand usage in Szeklerland

Find out more about the world of legends!
Accommodation, educational and other interactive products.


In progress

You can soon access the legends through audio books, applications and phone games

Community awards

  • Szent Imre award
  • Vasszékely award
  • Príma polgár award
  • Rotary-díj award
  • Szeklerland Orbán Balázs award

Tourism development projects

The touristic map of Erdővidék
The Bucketlist of Harghita county
The touristic map of Szeklerland
The Bucketlist of the Carpathian Basin
Legendary information about the touristic destinations in Szeklerland
Giant touristic map available at the MOL gas stations in Transylvania


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